DIY Animal Crossing Pin

6 December 2017

I can't pin down a pun good enough, or bad enough depending on your view, for Animal Crossing. Ever since my that fateful day where my sister and I rented AC from Blockbuster our lives have never been the same. Since then I have been obsessed with bad puns, cute animals, and collecting things ... maybe this explains my tendency to hoard things. When AC: Pocket Camp came out I was struck with the idea of combining one of my favourite games with my favourite thing to collect and pins were born! Like the chill pills these take very little time and supplies to make, so let's get cracking, silly!


Scissors; both normal and sewing
Wax Pencil
Hot Glue Gun
Puffy Paint
Pin Back

How To:

1. Draw the leaf shape onto the paper and cut out. I used my phone as a mini light table by upping the brightness so that I could see the light shape through the paper and then traced that.

2. Place your paper guide on top of the felt and trace around it with the wax pencil. Do this twice and cut out both your felt leaves with sewing scissors.

3. Hot glue the leaves together.

4. Draw on the leaf veigning with puffy paint and wait to dry.

5. Hot glue the pin back on.

Viola! Now you can go fishing for compliments about your cool pin and bug everyone about your love of Animal Crossing!

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