DIY Double Sided Tape Art

29 March 2017

Do you, like me, have tons of frames that you want to fill with funky art? Here's a quick and easy diy to add some flare to your place!


Double Sided Tape (Make sure to grab the thin tape, not the thick cushy stuff)
Paint Chips
Shape Punch
Exacto Knife


1. Take out the fake photo or paper backing the frame comes with and cover it in strips of double sided tape. Place each strip of tape so that they're not overlapping but right next to each other with no extra room, don't worry about the tape going over the edge of the paper we're going to trim off any excess later.

2. Punch out your shapes and press them onto the tape. You can plan out how you want your art to look beforehand or like me you can just wing it, I just made sure that none of the same coloured shapes were touching.

3. With your paper now covered flip it over and use your ruler and exacto knife to trim off the excess tape and paint chips. Place in your frame and viola! Snazzy colourful art!

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