Pink Lady

13 February 2017

Day 09

Henceforth all titles will follow this naming scheme; colour + gender descriptor. I'm kidding, I just couldn't come up with anything punny or clever for these last two makeup posts. What I love most about my pink hair is how much pink I now get to slather myself in, I've basically been a walking valentines day post since December. As much as I try to mix things up and be a funky rainbow every day my brain siren calls to me that I should just wear pinks, purples and oranges. Maybe I'm trying to subconsciously take advantage of this opportunity while I can. I did the exact same thing when I had green hair so I must purposefully be doing it.

Enough with my colour rambling let's talk eyeshadows. Paranoia from the Full Spectrum Palette is my child whom I have raised from birth and am incredibly proud of. It's the softest prettiest pink and it goes beautifully with whatever else you throw at. Want a cool toned look? Throw a purpler shadow on top! Want a warm toned tequila sunrise look? Slap on some orange! This shadow is the pink we need and the pink we deserve. Slather on some Nyx jumbo pencil in milk all over your lids and pat paranoia on top and underneath your lash line. Take the magenta from the Nyx Ultimate Palette and line your upper lashes, your basically making a blurred out cat eye, blending up and out once you get to the outer edge of your lid. Highlight the inner corners of your eye with Specter from the Moondust palette and pack Element from the same palette over top of the magenta. Sparkle is something I must have at all times, it highlights my sparkling personality.

Urban Decay Moondust Palette in Specter & Element / $70 / Available at Sephora & Urban Decay

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette in Paranoia / $57 / Available at Sephora & Urban Decay

Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights / $20 / Available at Nyx

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