Golden Girl

6 February 2017

Day 08

This is for when you wanna look like you just floated out of some romanticised version of ancient Greece but also have to go out and get groceries. See, whenever I have to run errands I have two ways of looking; over the top dramatic makeup or greasy goblin who hasn't washed in days. I go big or I stay home.

These posts are gonna be less reviews and more me just throwing colour on my face like some kind of crazed witch brewing potions. With the Moondust and Full Spectrum palettes from Urban Decay and the Ultimate Shadow palette from Nyx I literally have every colour of the rainbow in eyeshadow. Okay well, not every colour, it's very hard to find a lavender shadow, but the point is there's no reason for me to buy anything new. You'd just get me saying "Ah, I love the colours! Ah, I love how much they blend! Ah, I love how long they last!" over and over again. So from here on out don't expect much in reviews either than A+ 10/10 would spend money again. Which from someone who cried after they spent money as a kid, and let me honest would still cry if it was acceptable as an adult, means a lot.

Urban Decay Moondust Palette in Lithium / $70 / Available at Sephora & Urban Decay

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette in Goldmine & Midnight Blaze / $57 / Available at Sephora & Urban Decay

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