DIY Rocket Pop Desk Organizer

23 February 2017

It may be the dead of winter but I'm dreaming of summer and ice cream! And there's no better way to distract myself from the view out my window than with a Rocket Pop dish!! My life was forever changed when I found air dry clay at my dollar store for $1.50 so I've been making dishes galore because they jazz up every space!


Air Dry Clay
Rolling Pin
Exacto Knife
Paint Brush

How To:

1. Roll out your clay so that it's about 1cm thick. Using a toothpick lightly draw out your popsicle shape. Don't worry if you make any mistakes you can gently smooth the line out with your fingers. Follow your lines and cut out your shape using the exacto knife.

2. Lift your clay off the surface every once in a while so it doesn't get stuck down. Take your extra clay and start rolling it into thin snakes, you're going to be using these to create the raised edges so you have compartments. I made 3 compartments so I used the toothpick to divide the popsicle into 3 parts. Take the toothpick and score where you're going to put the snakes and the underside of each snake. Put a little bit of water over the score marks and start laying down the snakes. Blend them into the each other and the clay base and let dry for 24 hours.

3. Once dry paint the entire dish white. Then paint the top compartment red, the bottom blue, and the popsicle stick brown.

Viola, you now have your very own Rocket Pop organizer, ready to be filled with paperclips or even tiny popsicle erasers! Popsicleception!

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