DIY Felt Chill Pill Pin

15 February 2017


My passion for pins is insatiable! I keep seeing chill pill this and chill pill that all over the internet and knew a pin was in order! I've been making a whole whack of things with felt lately, embroidery is hard but it's calling my name, so I knew I could make a pin in less than 10 min with it.


Pin Guide
Pink & White Felt
Sewing Scissors
Pin Back
Hot Glue Gun
Puffy Paint
Wax Pencil

How To:

1. Print out and cut the pin guide. I always use paper guides when cutting out felt shapes so that they're more accurate. Place the guide on top of the felt and trace around it with the wax pencil. Do this to both the white and pink felt.

2. Cut out your felt pieces. Cut the pink pill in half and glue on top of the white pill.

3. I used my pill guide to show me approximately how big each letter should be and then painted on my letters. If the paint lines are a little uneven use a toothpick to spread the paint out and make smoother lines.

4. Let the puffy paint dry overnight and then glue your pin back on.

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