DIY Conversation Heart Pins

8 February 2017

I made these pins a couple of years ago for my friends birthdays and I still love how cute and cheesy they are! Resin might seem daunting but it really isn't. The hardest part is being patient and waiting 24 hours for it to set. So come on, let's make some pins your gal pals won't soon forget!


Epoxy Resin
Silicon Heart Ice Cube Molds
Paint/Nail Polish
Red Marker
Pin Backs
Hot Glue Gun

You can get resin at any arts and crafts store, I've picked mine up Curry's and DeSerres. Heart silicon molds can be usually found at dollar stores during Valentine's season.

How To:

1. Follow the resin instructions and pour into your molds. Wait for 24 hours for the resin to set.

2. Pop out your hearts and give them a light coat of white paint, this makes it so you don't have to do so many layers of colour later on.

3. Now it's time to get colourful! You can paint your hearts with either paint or nail polish. I did my pink hearts with paint and a coat of clear polish because my pink nail polish was goopy as heck. The rest were done with polish. If you do yours with paint make sure you do the layer of clear polish before writing on the heart else the marker will bleed. And we don't want any bleeding hearts this Valentine's day!

4. I let my hearts sit overnight because I wanted to make sure the polish was really really dry so I didn't goop up my marker. Once dry use your marker to write cute messages on each heart!

5. Flip your hearts over, glue the pin backs on and you're all done!

Now you've got pins as cute as your friends and your valentines! You can always use hot glue instead of resin but make sure you're using a low-temperature glue gun because a high-temperature one will melt your mold.

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