15 September 2016

Vest - Diyed Jean Jacket From Value Village   Top - Jacob   Boots - Aldo   Glasses - 8th & Main   Poop Emoji Pin - No Fun Press   Star Trek Pin - Hot Topic

Have we talked about my love of colour before? How at any given moment I'm fighting the urge to not look like some overly coloured, overly patterned rainbow bomb? Sometimes I think I've moved past my love of colour decadence and then someone wears a ridiculous headband and my addiction comes rushing back faster than me scarfing down Oreos after watching the food network. Maybe this year I'll get my act together and pair down with a capsule wardrobe but judges are still out on that one. My heart aches for "I could kill you without wrinkling my perfectly structured pantsuit" minimalist looks but they won't catch my cluttered colour ass alive. Well, at least until I hit middle age and ascend to my peak elegance Clair Underwood phase. That's still a way off though so my dinosaur crop tops, bright pink vests and patterned clothes galore rule with an iron fist.

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