Druid Looks

13 September 2016

Day 05

When you're going to do errands and want to feel like a druid going off to war, intimidating your enemies with your cool blue eyeshadow. The amount of dramatic nature looks I can do with this green hair is astounding! I'm cautious about looking like one of Santa's elves, but because of this I've learned I have very little red in my closet to begin with. I guess I'm just cool because of all the cool colours I wear. That's some colour theory humour for you. I need to get my grimy hands on some eye makeup glue because whenever I yawn I cry and when I cry any jewels that I've painstakingly stuck on my face slide down. Symmetry is a constant never ending struggle.

Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Plan9 / $26 / Available at Sephora

H&M's Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Silver Jade / $7 / Available at H&M

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