DIY Cosmic Disco Earrings

8 September 2016

Whenever I'm lying in bed or spaced out on the bus more than likely I'm scheming. I'm trying to come up with a way to make something that my poor, unwilling to pay shipping costs to Canada, butt wants. Especially when they're as cool as these Suzywan DELUXE earrings! Click the read more to find out how you can make these with plastic containers and a credit card!


Plastic Container (The kind of plastic you get strawberries in. Make sure it has a flat side)
Expired Credit Card or Gift Card
Nail Polish
2 Earring Post Studs
Super Glue
Hair Dryer

How To:

1.  Measure and mark with your Sharpie 2 triangles on the plastic and 2 triangles on the credit cards. Cut all 4 triangles out with a pair of scissors. 

2.  I used glitter glue on the top plastic triangles because I didn't have the sparkly nail polish that I wanted. Paint on thin coats and let completely dry before adding another coat. To speed up the drying process I used a hair dryer on LOW heat. Low is very important because if you heat the plastic too much it will start to curl up on you and then you've got to start again. So stay constantly vigilant if you have no patience like me and try this. When I had my desired level of sparkle I put a top clear coat over top and one coat of sheer purple polish on the reverse side of the plastic.

3.  Paint the front, edges and back of your credit card triangles with nail polish and finish with a clear coat on top.

4.  Once everything is dry and good to go glue your plastic holographic triangle on top of your credit card triangle. Glue on post studs and you're finished! You're now the dancing queen!

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