A Periwinkle In Time

27 September 2016

Day 06

I got my goblin hands on a Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette and a Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and I couldn't be giddier! It's like I've just entered the Cave of Wonders of eye makeup possibilities! And not like you have to be "diamond in the rough" Cave of Wonders, but a cool, hip, accepting everyone Cave of Wonders. This Cave of Wonders would let Jafar in because unlimited makeup possibilities are not god-like powers. The milk pencil is all it was promised to be, so if you want longer lasting, less fallout and more pigmented colours get it! I took these photos after working and running around all day and the makeup was still vibrant and in place. It smudged a bit in the labyrinth of creases my eyelids have but it didn't creep up my lids like some kind of greasy sludge monster. Since I'm just starting out I got this palette because it had a lot of of colours and was cheap, so far I'm really happy it. The reviews that I read mentioned that the glitter shades weren't as great for pigmentation but I've got no problems with it. Now don't think this means that my days of using lipstick as eyeshadow are over because I don't have every colour of eyeshadow... yet.

Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights / $20 / Available at Nyx

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk / $6 / Available at Nyx

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