Pastel Witch

8 August 2016

Day 30

WHOOOO! I did it! We made it! To celebrate I covered my face in silver glitter, press-on rhinestones and stars! I've never felt so fancy guys! This lipstick was the icing on the cake for the celestial, otherworldly, Glinda the Good Witch look I aspired for. Pro-tip; you may be tempted to cover your lips with foundation before applying this but this lipstick cakes like crazy when you do and it's super thick and pigmented so with 2 layers you'll get a great colour. It's not the most moisturising, so when you re-apply after eating wipe it all off, get rid of your dead lip flakes and start anew with smooth lips. This is still way more moisturising than any matte lipstick you'll use so don't worry too much. The formula does make it a little harder to apply than the regular kat von d lipsticks so there is a bit of tugging. It's gonna last you about 5 hours and then start fading from the center of your lips outward. It may seem like I'm just complaining about this lipstick but I loveeeeeee it. I've come to terms with the fact that most lip colours are drying and either don't last forever or flake of your lips like crazy. Here's to one-day using goblin magic to create the perfect lipstick!

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Coven / $26 / Available at Sephora

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