Greenier Pastures

16 August 2016

Day 1

With my lipstick escapades over I wanted to move onto something else and since eye makeup intimidates the hell outta me I latched onto it as my next beauty experiment. How do people get eyeshadow to cooperate with them?! What deal have they struck with the devil to make it do what they want?! We'll see if I ever discover the answers to my questions, or go to my grave dying with curiosity.

For this first look, I figured I'd stick with good ole eye pencils and lipstick. I know, I know, I just said I wanted to move on and I've already found a way to incorporate lipstick into my eye makeup. I just don't have a lot of eyeshadows and lipstick works great! I'm super excited to see how that lipgloss as eyeshadow works. So, Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstickswork great as eye makeup and eyebrow fillers, haven't had my eyebrows slide off my face yet and it's hot as an oven here in Canada right now! These H&M eyeliners are super pigmented and very blendable. I was afraid because of the bendability that they'd crease bad or melt off but not for me and my greasy eyelids! I just put some setting powder on and everything stays in place!

More than likely I'm going to be doing weird graphic looks because like lipstick colours I'm not interested in typical eyeshadow looks. If you've seen my "Eye Love It" Pinterest board you already know it's gonna be 30 days of weird and colourful!

Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Plan9 / $26   |   H&M's Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Silver Jade / $7

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