Extraterrestrial Wanderer

26 August 2016

Top - Joe Fresh   Skirt - Forever 21   Sandals - Aldo   Choker - 5 Diy Choker Necklaces

I wouldn't recommend climbing over rocks, sticks and up muddy hills in platform sandals. It may look fancy but it's probably a recipe for twisted ankles and I don't want anyone else to test fate. What I do recommend is spending a hot day taking photos with your best friend and the frog buddies you find in the river, washing your feet off in a fountain and then gossiping in a dog park. It's A+ 10/10 would recommend. Especially when said best friend takes such amazing photos that you end up looking like an alien whose crashed landed and is now aimlessly wandering the earth!

Photos taken by Rhiannon Dunets 

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