DIY Food Colouring Hair Dye

9 August 2016

Not brave enough to commit to a permanent hair colour?! Too cheap to spend tons of dollars on dyes?! Well boy, do I have the solution for you! Food Colouring!!!

Easy to get, easy to mix, easy to do your doo!


Gel Food Colouring*
White Conditioner
Mixing Bowl
Shower Cap
Old Towels
Old Clothes

*Gel food colouring is more concentrated colour wise than liquid food colouring

Firstly know that anything, especially fabric, that you get food colouring on will be stained. That's why it's best to cover the floor or the chair you're sitting in with towels you don't care about, and yourself in clothes you don't care about!

Also, know that like most dyes this has a chance of staining your hair. After going as long as I could without showering I finally caved to shampoo and hot water. After using shampoo twice my hair is still green, it's gonna take a while for the colour to fade completely. So don't do this before seeing your conservative anti hair colour relatives and save yourself horrors and judgement.

Squeeze out enough conditioner to cover all the hair you want to dye. Pour in food colouring and mix until you achieve your desired colour. Then go at least 2 shades darker. Put on your gloves and work the mix into your hair. A comb will help get it all the way through all of your hair. I had my mom put the mix into my hair, so a second person is a real plus! Try to avoid getting it on your skin but if it can't be helped you can always wash skin stains off later with some soap and water. Once your hair is fully saturated do it all up in a shower cap. Now the amount of time you leave the dye in your hair will determine its vibrancy. If you have bleached or blonde hair according to other tutorials 15 min will do. I left mine in overnight while I slept and I have ashy brown hair. Once you're done waiting rinse your hair in COLD water. Don't use warm water and don't use shampoo! Still use a crappy towel for drying of your hair whenever you shower because the towel is still gonna get stained. To get my eyebrows the same colour I just used lipstick and an eyebrow brush to colour them in, I bet eyeshadow would work just as well.

There you have it! An easy and cheap way to become the forest sprite, mermaid, or witch of your dreams! Be free and bring colour to the world my friends! ❤︎

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