DIY Dinosaur Earrings

17 August 2016

Oh, dinosaurs how I adore you! Sorry, I cut you in half but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to have awesome earrings!


Toy Dino (You can get packs of these at any kind of dollar store)
Earring Post Studs (Dollar Tree)
Exacto Knife
Super Glue

How To:

1. Cut your toy dino in half with the exacto knife. Stabbing the knife in there and then rotating it around is easier than trying to saw it in half.

2. Once cut glue your post stud onto the halves.

Viola! Now you have cute dino earrings to make kids and adults alike jealous! You can also wear these as collar pins! Remember if you don't like the colour of your tiny dino paint it white and then paint it whatever colour your heart desires!

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