5 Diy Choker Necklaces

23 August 2016

Seriously you can probably make a choker out of anything. All you need is something to wrap around your neck and you've got a choker! I was mystified when I learned this and then promptly raided my entire house for supplies! The result; 5 easy peasy lemon squeezy chokers!

I've always struggled with accessorising. It's tedious to me to have to buy and sort through jewellery on top of clothes and often I forget about it. I think it's the fun and personalization that crafting provides that makes me wanna wear the jewellery I've made. I don't know maybe it's the time and effort that I've put into making something that makes it stand out in my mind more. I also just love choker necklaces. My mom made me a bunch when I was little and the obsession has been reawakened now that chokers are back "on trend". Will it die? Hopefully not! I'm getting a little choked up thinking about it!

1. The Funny Message Choker


Pony Beads (I got mine at Michaels)

If I can put ridiculous words on something I'm gonna do it, and ever since I learned about pony beads I've been itching to do something with them. Measure your neck and then cut ribbon that's long enough to wrap around it once. Choose a word and thread your beads onto the ribbon, something thin and pointy will help push the ribbon through trickier beads like the O or D. Then tie the ribbon around your neck. Just like that and everyone will know you're rad as heck!

2. The Button Choker



My days of hoarding cute things has finally paid off! Take a long piece of cord and thread the button to the very middle of it, loop it around your neck twice and tie at the front. Now you're an adorable celestial being made of stars!

3. The Kids Craft Choker


Snap Bracelet Charms

Got any of those kids crafts you never did hidden away somewhere? Or itching for a trip to the dollar store? All you need for this is a hollow shape and ribbon. Take a long piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Thread the ends through your charm, leaving enough space for your head. Put the choker over your head, pull taut and tie at the back. Alternatively, for a neater choker you can cut the ribbon in half, fold it over the charm and glue the ribbon in place. Tie at the back and viola you've blended bad ass and cute!

4. The Sparkly Shoelace Choker


1 Shoelace

I've always wanted sparkly shoelaces and unfortunately now that I have Ronald McDonald feet none of the shoelaces sold are long enough! Luckily I was struck by inspiration while weeping over this magical pair in a Dollerama the other day. Take the shoelace and loop it around your neck twice, tie it at the front. You're friends will knot see how stylish you are coming!

5. The Necklace Charm Choker

A necklace Charm

You can even use your existing necklaces to make chokers guys! I'm still freaking out! Cut a piece of ribbon that's longer than your neck. Thread the charm and tie it at the back. Now you've got a choker perfect for fancier occasions!

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