Suns Out, Puns Out

14 July 2016

Swimsuit - Forever 21   Sunglasses - Target   Pizza Float - Dollar Tree

Apparently, I'm having a bit of a pizza craze, but truthfully I don't think there's been a time when I'm not having a pizza craze. I went into Forever 21 to get a pair of jeans and came out dreaming about this bathing suit. This basically my glass slipper bathing suit. It was perfect the moment I put it on. Which, when it comes to bathing suits is something that rarely happens for women. I haven't worn a one-piece in at least a decade because my spaghetti body was just too long for them. I remember the last one-piece I wore; we were in Florida, it was sparkly purple with silver ruffles and I think silver stars. There was no better bathing suit, no cuter Aynslie... until now.

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