Looking Berry Haute

11 July 2016

Day 28

Ah, berry shades. Not quite pink, not quite purple, somewhere in between so you get the best of both colour worlds; fresh and fun but with a little bit of drama. This is the colour you wear to a fancy party in some rich person's garden where you drink tea and schmooze while your identical twin that everyone thinks is you, or your lover (both are valid options when it comes to books) is inside robbing the joint. I got a little carried away but what can I say I love me a good heist. You wear this colour to these types of things because it's safe but not boring. Grandma might still tut about it but that's because grandma thinks nail polish is scandalous let alone a lipstick that isn't your natural lip colour. Now because the formula is shiny... I'm sorry super lustrous, it means that the colour is shear, buildable and moisturizing. Creamy drugstore lipsticks like this always feather so get out a tiny brush and paint your lines with it and use a lip liner to get a line that doesn't bleed. This also means you're going to have to constantly re-apply it. That's the trade-off, you either get long wear raisin lips or you get soft moisturized lips. We just can't have it all yet.

Revlon Super Lustrous Shine in Berry Haute / $7.50 / Available at Walmart, Shoppers, and other Drugstores

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