DIY Pizza Bunting

13 July 2016

I don't care what Ferrero Rocher claims pizza is the food of the gods, especially when the crust is also garlic bread! A friend of mine has bunting like this and I've been coveting it for ages. So come on and make some super cool pizza bunting with me!


Coloured Paper
Embroidery Thread/ String


Exacto Knife

Measure and cut out yellow triangles. I used an Exacto knife and ruler to cut the slices so that all my edges would be straight. Cut out your toppings and crust and glue them down. I chose pepperoni and peppers not because I like them on my pizza but because I wanted hearts and I liked the overall colour scheme. I'm really just a mushrooms for toppings kind of gal. Thank goodness for scrapbooking mum's with paper punches else I don't know how I would have cut out all these hearts and not cried. Place your slice upside down on the styrofoam, the styrofoam makes it way easier to poke holes into the pizza without bending the paper. Once you've poked your holes thread your needle and then string all your slices together. I can't guarantee 30 minutes or less (or it's free) for this diy but I can guarantee you'll have super cute bunting and craving pizza when you're done!

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  1. There's no 'topping' your bunting... I'll see myself out x