DIY Donut & Poop Emoji Banners

1 July 2016

If there're two things I love it's the sugary sweetness of donuts and the sheer ridiculousness of the poop emoji. Of course, when I learned how easy peasy lemon squeezy it is to make wall banners I knew I had to decorate my walls with them. Sure my mom may say that these are weird but they make me giggle and they're cute as heck! Read on to learn how!

Donut Banner


Felt / Foam sheets (In the colours that you want your donut to be)
Shoe Canvas
Sewing Scissors (if you use regular scissors they'll eat up your felt)
Glue Gun

*You could probably make this all out of felt. I used what I already had on hand, which meant shoe canvas for the background, a skewer instead of a wooden dowel and bits of foam for colours that I didn't have in felt.*

1. Find 2 circle shaped objects, 1 large and 1 small and trace onto the felt. This will be the base of your donut. Cut out the larger circle.

2. Fold your circle in half and secure. Folding the larger circle in half cuts down (pun intended) on the cutting you have to do and I used a bulldog clip to keep the felt from moving on me while I cut. Cut out the smaller inside circle.

3. Take the colour for your donut icing and repeat steps 1 and 2. Cut a wavy line the around edge of the circle so that you can see the donut base.

4. Snip the remaining colours into tiny strips to make sprinkles.

5. Place your donut on the shoe canvas and mark out how you want your banner to look. I used a ruler for maximum precision because I am a perfectionist. Make sure you leave extra room at the top to fold over the skewer. Then Cut out your banner.

6. Place your skewer on the back of your banner (where the marks are so that you don't have to erase them later) put some hot glue under the skewer and then fold the extra canvas over to secure it. Now glue your donut together and glue it to the banner!

7. Almost there! Measure out how long you want the yarn that holds up the banner to be and then add extra length because we're gonna attach our tassels to it.

8. Wrap your yarn into loops, I wrapped mine around the width of my palm 10 times. Once you're happy with the thickness of your tassel remove it and tie near the top with the string of yarn from step 7. Repeat this step a second time so that you have 2 tassels.

9. Snip the bottom of your tassels, and then trim any excess from tying them.

10. I glued my tassels to my skewer instead of wrapping the string around so that they wouldn't flop all over the place and chopped off the ends of my skewer.

Now you have a banner as cute as you!

Poop Emoji Banner

1. Trace out the shape you want for your poop emoji. I just placed my felt against my computer screen and upped the brightness so that I could trace over the shape and mark where to put the eyes and mouth. Then cut out the emoji.

2. Cut out a rectangle the size that you want the mouth to be and trim it into a half circle.

3. Glue on your googly eyes and the mouth.

4. Follow the rest of the steps from the donut banner and VIOLA!! A poop emoji banner!

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