Crushin It!

8 July 2016

01 // Baohien Ngo

Have you ever seen such dreamy ethereal photography? It's sooooooo pretty it makes me want to get over my hatred of cold water and float down a river with flowers in my hair!

02 // Diy Glitter + Nail Polish Sunglasses

Have you checked out these super glittery sunglasses I made yet? They're super easy to make and the possibilities are now endless when it comes to getting the cute sunglasses you want!

03 // Community

I've been slowly watching all of community these past few months. I'm on season 3 right now and everything has been incredible! I cannot believe the level of continuity this show has kept up, which for me is a major pro. Not even Orphan Black has the continuity of this show. I've enjoyed and watched so much that I've unconsciously started saying cool a lot, which is pretty cool.

04 // Caitlin Stout

If you want me to buy something put bugs on it. That's it. I'll do a high pitched gasp and rush towards it with heart eyes.

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