Crushin It!

2 July 2016

01 // From Gold: Faux Ceramic Ring Cone Diy

This is adorable and looks so easy to make that I'm definitely gonna give it a try.

02 // Adi Goodritch

Adi Goodritch designs the sets and art directs the most incredible photoshoots! You can bet when I level up my building skill and money level I'm gonna take major inspiration from her.

03 // Skinny Dip London: Liquid Sarcasm Cross Body Bag

I am such a sucker for unique bags. Well, unique anything. Skinny Dip London has so many bags that I want, but this one just suits me to a tee. It's funny, it's pink and it's sparkly. What more could a girl ask for?

04 // A Subtle Revelry: Pastel Sand Art Hair

UGH! Ugh! Now that my hair has grown back out it's a daily challenge not to bleach it again. This diy makes that challenge even harder. So cute, so hard to resist.

What are you crushin on this week?

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