The Cycle Of Life, It Moves Us All!

29 June 2016

Cardigan - Forever 21   Top - Walmart   Glasses - Urban Outfitters   Shoes - Converse

I have a confession. Contrary to what my shirt says I am in fact not a chill-rex. But, ya know, fake it till ya make it. The chill part, not the t-rex part, just to be clear. I like my thumbs and arms that can reach things. I got this shirt in the boys section at Walmart. Walmart generally has the best t-shirts for boys, if you chop off the sleeves you've got all the shoulder room you need and a super cute crop top for $4. This way you'll never have to worry about somebody at work wearing the same thing as you! And if you see a kid wearing one just know that you would win the who wore it better because crop tops win everything. It's true, crop tops cannot be defeated. So get that sweet tummy of yours out and enjoy the sun!

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