Plum Crazy About You

24 June 2016

Day 26

I would love to be there when companies name colours. Why? Because this colour is called hot plum. Has anyone at Maybelline ever seen a plum? Have they ever google searched a plum? I have asked the great oracle google and I can tell you that google thinks plums are dark purple or burgundy. Maybelline seems to think they're magenta. It's fine, it's fine I just need to stop being a spiteful, blubbering nitpick about colours. Do I even need to put the shrugging emoji here at this point? Kudos though to Maybelline for creating light, hydrating lipsticks that even when they wear off from eating and drinking still leave a tint of bright colour. This colour is a safe bet for people looking to start wearing bright bold colours but still afraid to commit all the way. Unfortunately, it looks like Maybelline may have discontinued this colour (I'm not entirely sure because it comes up as an option on the Walmart website) but the rest of colours in the line look just as playful and summery. I'm gonna try to get my sweaty hands on either the coral or the orange because the formula and price on these are great, and I'm a sucker for the cool orange packaging.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids in Hot Plum / $7.96 / Available at Walmart, drugstores & grocery stores

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