Long Time No See

15 June 2016

Coat - Bluenotes   Dress & Hat - H&M  Boots - Aldo

"Animal crossing’s critical flaw is that the longer you go without playing it the more terrifying it is to start playing again."      doppelgender

Always at the back of my mind with this blog is "what will happen when my inspiration runs out, and my hatred for creating mediocre things keeps me from continuing to post." Welp, as I predicted from my Animal Crossing playing days and my general avoidance tendencies what happens is I spend weeks feeling guiltier and guiltier and it just becomes harder to create again. No matter how many times I tell myself that the things holding me back are stupid I still can't seem to beat shadow Aynslie. I'm am getting closer, I just gotta find that suped up tool that's hidden in the dungeon of my mind. Is dungeon of my mind cheesy?

Try not to compare yourself to others because those people are cool but you're probably just as cool in your own way. Which is what I gotta keep telling myself so that I don't neglect my blog baby. As much as I love finding inspiration sometimes I find it overwhelming at how much stuff I wanna do and how much work it's gonna take. All we can really do is keep trudging on. Be the best you can be, and keep doing what gets you excited!

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