Dou Duet

17 June 2016

Day 24

I saw this look on Asos's Youtube and knew immediately that I had to copy it. It's so cute and fun, and I still dream about being this glowy. Watch it "here".

My Kat Von D Bauhau5 has the arduous title of being the first lipstick I bought myself. Meaning it's very dry and crusty now. As I'm sure I am after all these years as well. Make sure to exfoliate your lips beforehand to get rid of flakiness and then slather them up with vaseline. The vaseline will make the colour a little shearer but make it so that you're not playing tug of war between the lipstick and your lips. Going in with a small brush, I'm pretty sure the one I use is a small eyeshadow brush, will help to perfect tricky areas like your cupids bow. I put the Studded Kiss lipstick on first because I knew it was going to be the most finicky but the order of your lipstick application doesn't really matter. What matters is resisting the urge to smush your lips together. The longer you stay strong and the more contrast between each lipstick colour the longer the look will last before smearing into one colour.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Bauhau5 / $26 / Available at Sephora

p.s. I deleted this post after I finished it the first time around. Do you know why? BECAUSE THE WORLD WANTS ME TO SUFFER!

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