Crushin It!

26 June 2016

01 // Meghal & Natasha Janardan

If you wanna learn how to do super cool makeup check out these guys' youtube channel. If you wanna learn how to edit photos better read this and watch this. Seriously guys my editing skills got a gazillion times better after and I thought I was half decent at photo editing before. I laugh at past me now! These girls are just so cute and bubbly and make learning about makeup and photography so much easier!

02 // The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Is anyone else screaming about this game?! Or is it just my pterodactyl screeches that I'm hearing? I am so excited for this game after watching the E3 demo. It looks incredibleeeeeeeeee. Link can run, Link can climb, you get hearts by eating, you have to wear certain clothes for certain weather, your weapons can break with use! I could go on and on but just watch the video and cry for yourself at how awesome this game is gonna be. And start thinking now about who you know that has a Wii U and how you're gonna camp at their place for months and play it.

03 // Aww Sam: Plastic Food String Light Diy

Can you believe the genius of this diy?! It's plastic foods with string lights!!!! All you have to do is drill holes and put the lights through and then you have the cutest string lights ever! AMAZING! Aww Sam has so many other adorable ingenious diys and the cutest instagram so def check her out.

04 // A Beautiful Mess: Felt Succulent Window Box Diy

The only thing I love more that cacti and succulents are fake cacti and succulents that I can't kill. This diy shows you how to make a bunch of different succulents which is extra awesome because variety is the spice of life!

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