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19 June 2016

If I was a dragon my horde would be filled with quirky Value Village decor, anything that's metallic, and of course links and photos of things I like from the internet. I used to store photos on my computer until I realized that they just took up too much space, so now I keep my treasure trove of inspiration hidden away on private Pinterest boards, Tumblr drafts, and my solid black external hard drive I call Hal. I've been thinking lately that with all this collecting I do, and it's a disgusting amount because I have 1,165 Tumblr drafts, that maybe sharing it with the world would help me in organizing it. With everything piled up it just seems like such a Herculean task and I let all these things become buried, which negates the point of why I saved them in the first place! Hopefully, with this endeavor, you'll find something that even catches your fancy!

01 // Edie Faux Leather Heeled Ankle Boots by Golden Ponies

I lucked out and got to go see Noel Fielding back in March. He was wearing boots just like these and I've been crying about them ever since. Like a magpie, I am attracted to anything that is metallic silver. Shoes, skirts, sweaters the only thing I need now to complete my all silver outfit is socks.

02 // JUCO

The creative direction of all of JUCO's photos is incredible! They make the bright colour and pattern lover in me scream and frantically pin all of their work to Pinterest for later. The silver tassle curtain is something that I've been eyeing for ages because it screams fun disco and this image is the epitome of fun disco.

03 // Orphan Black

If you know me you know I love Orphan Black. Not only does it have the best character death of all time but it also deftly mixes horror, sci-fi and comedy together. It's also rife for weird art about monsters and body autonomy which I adore sinking my grimy hands onto.

04 // Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Coven

God, has anyone ever created a better lipstick colour? I'm pretty sure the answer is no. If I could only wear one lipstick colour for the rest of my life it would probably be this one. I just really love purple lipstick guys.

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