The Streets Were Dark With Something More Than Night

6 May 2016

Day 20

Ah Homegirl, we have such fond memories together. You were the first bold, dark lipstick I bought. You began the steep and slippery descent into my obsession with getting my clammy, Gollum-like hands on as many gothy lipsticks as I could. But now as you approach what I think is being three years old I have to say you've really let yourself go. You once were smooth and moisturizing, you glided around my lips easy peasy, and now you tug relentlessly. You never were the best at being a consistent colour but you tried. Now you have no more fight left in you. You bleed all over the place, you're patchy as hell, and you make me look like I have dry husks for lips. Edward Scissorhands is not the goth look I'm going for. I'm tired of fighting you. So, with a heavy heart, I lay you down to rest. May you find peace in knowing that your duty is done. You will not be forgotten (cause I'm already looking for your replacement)

R.I.P Homegirl
2013 - 2016

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Homegirl / $26 / Available at Sephora

p.s. not using a lipstick until it runs out physically pains me. If your lipstick drys out because of age you can still use it, but as a lighter sheer colour. Put on some lip balm and then dab the lipstick on, and viola you've got what's basically a lip stain!

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