Maybe She's Born With It. Maybe It's Photoshop.

17 May 2016

It's photoshop. Trust me no one deserves the HD horrors that you find on your face from good cameras. You take pictures thinking your skin is clear and then find out it's really just a mess of emerging pimples, dry skin and deep under eye bags. Don't worry, I haven't been deceiving you by photoshopping in my septum piercing every photo, I'm just taking my skin from dried up raisin to not looking like I got punched in the face.

Day 22

Anyways, back to our regular scheduled programming. The Maybelline Colour Blur lipstick is ... meh. The colour range is meh. I'm sorry, I just have no interest in the mostly pinky springy colours that they come in. The application really annoyed me. It's a twist out pencil, which means that even though the end starts pointy through use it shifts and becomes nearly impossible to use precisely. I also broke the end off by accident twice, and since waste bothers me I was furious. Getting it to blur out is a nearly impossible task, and since that's what's supposed to make this lipstick special it tees me off that it doesn't work. Even when you put very little colour on I found that it didn't blur. Instead, you got full coverage. The formula is meh. It goes on velvety and drys done matte, while not feeling like concrete on your lips. If it hasn't smeared off your lips, or bled everywhere (you definitely need a lip liner with the darker colours) it will start to dry the center of your lips, but that's the price of a matte lipstick. You get what you pay for with this; a regular lipstick, in regular colours, that smears easily off. I'm becoming jaded, not even the punny names amused me this time.

Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur in #45 I'm Blushing  / $9 / Avaiable at Walmart, Drugstores or Online

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