A Hard Sell

2 May 2016

Day 19

You get what you pay for with this lipstick. I was too cheap to go to a fancy more expensive brand, I was a little afraid to buy black lipstick and didn't want to get something that I'd regret spending money on later. For the price that I paid (I'm pretty sure it was on sale for $4) I don't regret spending money on this. Black isn't a colour I'm going to be wearing out every day, it's going to be something that I wear once in a blue moon, so why spend $20 and let the formula go bad. Thanks to the brightening and contrasting powers of photoshop this looks like black, it's not, it's more like a dark grey. The problem is that even if you put foundation on your lips and then apply the lipstick it's just too sheer. You're going to have to reapply every hour at the least if you want to keep a consistent colour. Another thing I don't like; it's sparkly. Don't really have a reason why I just do not prefer sparkly lipsticks. This is very moisturising but that also makes it very smudgeable. The moment you start to apply this lipstick little black smudges will appear on your face out of nowhere, it will be all over your teeth, and while drinking you'll get little fangs growing up and out from the corners of your upper lips. It's a mess waiting to happen. It's also nearly impossible to get a good line. It goes on really smooth but somehow it is going to look like you had a very shaky hand while applying. Pro tip get it as close to a solid smooth line as possible and then smudge the little bumps into order with a brush. Or use a lipstick brush instead of the bullet, I couldn't get enough product onto my brush to justify using it to my impatient self. Reading back through this it's basically all cons, because the formulas crap, the only reasons I like this lipstick is because it comes in some sick funnily named colours, and my money hoarding self likes saving money.

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick in Black Diamond / $5 / Available at Walmart

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