The Sound of Ankles Being Sprained

27 April 2016

Top - Joe Fresh   Dress - Winners   Shoes - Thrifted   Headband - Made

This is my modern, flowery, cutesy take on the Sound of Music. I may not be able to sing that well but the Hills are Alive is one of my go to whistling songs and I am damn good at it. I can add a lot of trills to the songs and that makes me feel fancy. Flowery headbands also make me feel fancy, which would probably be considered a sin if I was a nun, but like Maria, I'm too much of a fun-loving gal and want nun (har-har) of that. Also like Maria I'm wearing completely inappropriate footwear for walking around on grass and gravel. She crossed the Alps in heeled boots and as great as our legs look heels on anything but solid ground are a hazard. Movie magic be damned, always wear proper footwear when fleeing from nazis or just walking down garden paths kids.

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