Mint To Be

6 April 2016

This shot may look fancy but in reality, I'm really just eagerly waiting for the otters to appear. Lazy otters never did show up. They were probably sleeping or had the right idea and stayed warm because boy oh boy was it cold. Alas, me and the screaming children left disappointed.

 Cardigan - Joe Fresh   Dress - H&M   Shoes - Aldo

Lately going for drives with my mom we've had an idea in mind rather than a set in stone plan. So we set out on Saturday to look at a fancy lotto cottage as an excuse to get out of the house. I for one love car rides! They're relaxing, I can get my thoughts in order and every once in a while you catch a glimpse of something magical on the horizon, frantically turn the car around and go find an adventure. In this case, we found not only a zoo but a free zoo! I couldn't believe it! They had turkeys, lemurs, bison, wallabies, and among others a pretty perturbed camel. I know my man I was cold too but whipping your head back and forth while spitting is a little scary. But aghhh day trips are the very best! I hope you can get out and find some magic sometime soon!

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