Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Fall In Love

8 April 2016

Day 14

I've never watched Ouran High School Host Club but that's not enough to stop me from making a joke. Also probably more exciting than this free lipstick is that after about 5 years of not wearing earrings the holes in my ears somehow haven't closed up. I'm shocked. It's probably safe to say that I'm going to have a bit of an earring craze now.

Enough with my chattering let's talk lipstick! This year the Sephora birthday gift is either some kind of rose petal bouquet face cleanser cream thing or a Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner. I wasn't really interested in either but the siren call of free stuff cannot be resisted. Free lipstick is free lipstick after all. If you're looking for a rose colour this is a pretty good one. It's creamy, feels weightless and after drinking and eating it will fade and blur but the colour does last a heck of a long time, if you're not wiping your lips constantly with a napkin because you decided to have spaghetti for dinner and got sauce all over your face like me. If also like mine your lips are dry and cracked from the harsh hope crushing cold this lipstick will accentuate that so pop on some lip balm before you apply the colour and throughout the day and you'll be A-okay. The packaging has a magnetic lid which amuses the heck outta me because if I ever got more I could stick them all together and make a bracelet. For $38 though that's a dream I'm gonna have to save for a when a rich relative I didn't know existed dies and leaves their vast fortune to me.

Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / $38 / Available at Sephora

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