Hella Rad

11 April 2016

Day 15

We're half way through guys?! Can you believe it?! I can't! I always have this nagging fear in the back of my mind that I'm going to lose interest in what I'm doing and drop it. Which I've definitely done a bunch of times in my life and it makes me feel super guilty. So fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

Fyi this is my final makeup form. There's nothing I love more than bright colours and sparkles. Well not having sparkles stabbing me in the eye is something I could live without, but love will have it's sacrifices. Anytime I get to go grocery shopping in a Superstore or a Loblaws I always beg off from my mom and sprint to the joe fresh section. *Sigh* they have some of the best sweaters. Unfortunately, everything has gotten pretty expensive over the years so I was delighted when I found out that not only had they come out with beauty products but that they were also affordable! I am sad they don't have more lip creme colours because Baie Sauvage is the only colour I've been interested in so far. I bought it assuming it'd be more purply but surprise surprise it's more of a fuchsia. One day I'll stop making the same mistakes over and over again. One day. The formula on these babies is great though. If you don't like how dry matte lip cremes make your lips this is the lip creme for you. It goes on super liquidy, making it super easy to manipulate, and really moisturizing. The downside is it's not matte. It doesn't dry down so your lips don't dry down. You can't have your cake and not smudge your lipstick too. Sorry. These are supposed to last 6 hours and by staining your lips they do. Just don't expect the lacquered look to last that long, because it won't. It's another lipstick to mark your territory with. Pro tip wait for these to go on sale to get them half off and stay rad pals!

Joe Fresh Lip Creme in Baie Sauvage / $8 / Available at select Superstores, Loblaws & Shoppers

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