Crop Top Time!

21 April 2016

Cardigan & Crop Top - Forever 21   Shorts - Delia   Socks - Old Navy   Shoes - Converse   Sunglasses - Target

IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S HAPPENING! Everybody stay calm or our collective excitement might bring on another tantrum from mother nature. I cannot be held responsible for what will happen if it snows again. I'm making vague threats but really all I'll do is crawl under my heating blanket and scream like a cicada. While still wearing my crop top of course. Why? Because I LOVE crop tops! Like the weather it took me while to warm up to the idea but now they're coming out of winter hibernation (mine get sidelined to pajama duty during the winter) bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to show off everyone's cute tummies! Screw anyone who says your tummy isn't good enough for a crop top. They're wrong! Believe me, if you have a tummy it is guaranteed to be cute as heck!

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