You Better Layer Up A$$hole

9 March 2016

Todays blog title is in reference to a line from the Social Network. You can watch the clip it's in --> here <-- Sorry it's still too cold in Canada for "fuck you flip-flops" or I would have fully committed.

I feel like every blog I'm reading lately is gushing about how spring is finally here while I'm here in Canada avoiding watching the weather because I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. You should know that as I'm typing this it's actually the warmest day ever at 15 °C. Damn you weather for making me seem like a hypocrite!

Jean Jacket - Costco   Flower Top - Forever 21   Jeans - H&M   Boots - Aldo

At any given time I'm probably wearing more layers than you are because at any given time I'm probably freezing. Honestly, I wear so many that I like to joke that my middle name is layers (it's Lorraine but close enough). So here are my three tips for layering!

01 / Long Underwear

Half of you are probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about, or your picturing bright red flannels! I always get a weird look when I talk about what I wear under my clothes from fall to spring. Surprise! Long underwear isn't as bright and ridiculous as it used to be! It's a powerful layer of all black that comes in tops and leggings and keeps you warm in anything.

02 / Add A Collared Shirt Underneath

In this outfit I'm wearing two shirts. Honestly I have so many collared shirts because I put them underneath everything! Dresses, sweaters, non-collared shirts, it's an easy way to add some extra warmth and some fanciness!

03 / Fleece Lined Tights

The only way I can wear skirts and dresses in the winter is if I've got my fleece lined tights. If I want black tights I wear both pairs, if I want coloured tights I wear my fleece lined pair underneath and a coloured pair on top.

All of these along with my trusty winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf stop me from hibernating through winter! And I know that other people have circulation and don't feel the cold like me but please never let yourself be chilly. You can still be stylish and warm!

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