Sinnamon Roll

14 March 2016

Most of the time on this blog I'm just fucking around hoping that something will work. As much as this blog motivates and excites me there are still days where my brain has nothing; energy and creativity wise. The fact that my dad ate my mushroom pizza leftovers when he had his canadian pizza leftovers (how the hell do you miss the lack of pepperoni and bacon) is, yes, something really silly to send someone over the edge with, but my brain works in stupid ways. So sorry for being late and missing posts, I'm gonna keep trying.

Day 08

This was the very first lipstick I ever got not for dressup but for me. I needed naturalish colour for dance so my mom took me to shoppers and so began my first foray into makeup. I think I got it when I was 13 so this baby has been kickin for 10 years! That probably means that it's filled with bacteria but it's still super creamy and I still love it's slightly orangey colour. 

Annabelle Covergirl Something Or Other In Cinnamon

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