Seeing Red

5 March 2016

Me: sets myself up for two easy posts
Also Me: still finds a way to be late  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 05

Reds aren't really my thing. Which is why I probably own such cheap red lipsticks. I bought this bright red a couple of years back because it was on sale and I was trying to slowly ease myself into lipstick colours. I think I've worn it once? Really I've doomed it to an endless eternity of life underneath the sink. It smells like sour candy heaven but rubs off on anything and everything. If you want to mark your territory this is the lipstick to do it with.

Essence Lipstick in Red Carpet / Shoppers Drug Mart or Essence Beauty

Day 06

I bought this darker red in my tireless search for burgundy lipstick. The crayon looked dark and beautiful, the colour is not. There is no quicker way to make me furious than by waking me up, or lying to me about the colour of a lipstick. But hey it was on sale. I have to console myself with what little things I can. The lipstick goes on super creamy and isn't drying at all but that means it comes off on everything. This lipstick is great for leaving trails so you don't get lost but not great for staying.

H&M Lip Pen in Red

Neither of these colours exists anymore but I really wouldn't suggest buying them. If you're looking for a cheap red I'm sure you'd be able to find one for the same price and quality of these two colours at a drugstore or Walmart.

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