29 March 2016

Day 11 & 12

The quickest way to frustrate me is to show me something I love and then tell me it costs extra to ship to Canada. What is the point of being so god damn tied up with the states if we can't get good shipping too?! I'm a good person! I deserve cheap lipstick in a variety of colours!! Please stop making me send messages to my friends in all caps and sad face emojis that the world has failed me again! Heed my pleas Colourpop I beg of you, because there's so many more colours I want from you, but until the next time I luck out and can get a gaggle of friends together it won't be happening. It's not you, I love your matte lipsticks! They've got a great colour pay off, they dry down light and untransferable, and they're cheap. After eating they became tacky and rubbed off on anything, so add another coat and you'll be right as rain. For the price, I'd take these over Kat Von D's Liquid Lipsticks, but I'm a cheapo. Help me lower my blood pressure Colourpop. I have a cute and gentle persona to keep up.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips in Trap & Kapow / $6 / Available on Colourpop

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