30 March 2016

Jacket - Zara   Top - H&M   Skirt & Glasses - Forever 21   Boots - Aldo   Lipstick - Nyx Ibiza

Is this mod enough? I've got a mini skirt, large round glasses and I've been compared to twiggy more times than I can count solely because I'm thin and have short hair and I'm still not sure. It's probably the scorpions that are throwing me off, they were just too hard to resist. Maybe I'm a mod version of Helena from Orphan Black. Of course, that would have worked better when my hair was bleached, but it still would have been a ridiculous stretch anyways (mostly because I don't go around trying to kill my clones).

I love the shadows in these pics. I didn't know my hair stood up so much before but I know now! Also my shadow in the last pic is so ridiculously distorted! It looks like a cone head!

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