A Lovely Plant Nerd

7 March 2016

Day 07

I wasn't one of those kids that when asked what they wanted to be said "a flower." So I'm here to tell y'all that present me has learned from the mistakes of past me and I'm ready to become a plant. I'm gonna warn you though, your mothers will probably hate this colour. Mine has gotten way better at reacting when I wear this lipstick now but I will never forget the way she recoiled at first. Don't worry it just means that you look like a super cool mermaid.

Okay, so Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick is AMAZING. I got it on a whim and the stern warnings of "don't you dare take it back" from my friends are what made me keep it. Not cause of the formula, the formulas a-okay, I just had to consider wimping out over the colour for a couple of days. The formula's not super drying, it goes on smooth but a little patchy (I've come to accept that patchiness is just the norm for lipsticks that aren't within the realm of pink and red) and it's definitely not transfer proof. If you eat or even lightly brush your mouth against anything this colour is coming off. If you go out take the lipstick with you!! Really the colour and birthday cake smell are the real mvps here. Now I'm gonna go lie down in a forest and become moss. Peace.

Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in Plan 9 / $26 / Sephora

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