Cool Grandma

16 March 2016

Blazer & Boots - Value Village   Top - Jacob   Jeans - H&M

I may look like I stole clothes from a grandma/librarian, I got them at a thrift store so who knows maybe I did, but did they ever wear blacklipstick?! Huh punk!? If anything I'm a cool grandma/librarian with less knee pain (there is a weird clicking when I go up the stairs now) and a lot more fashionable shoes.

I really wasn't sure if I was gonna get a post up today. My photographer (my lovely and patient mother) was out sick for the weekend, and then all through the week it was dismal and rainy weather! It was only coming back from DQ (which was supposed to have free cone day today but Oh No they don't do it in Canada anymore) that the clouds finally parted and we were gifted with the sun. There was one moment in this abandoned lot that I was almost positive we were about to find a body but thank god my life did not change for the worse. Truly it was a lucky day.

Shout out to my bff Colleen for taking pics today and letting me play with her cat! <3

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