A Pattern Of Patterns

2 March 2016

Once a friend asked if I partied. I, an incredibly anxious wallflower, said no. His response I will never forget; "How you're wearing two patterns?!" He had a good point, usually adventurous dressers lead adventuress lives. I haven't figured out the second part yet but I'm hoping this blog will help me out with that.

Scarf - Hufflepuff Scarf   Sweater - Thrifted   Skirt & Sunglasses - Forever 21   Boots - Aldo

I love patterns, textures and colours. I love them in my clothes, my art, and interior decorating. They are the easiest way to make an outfit, piece or room interesting! Minimalism is great but it's something that, I an overly sentimental hoarder, will probably never be able to achieve. Also whenever I think about minimalism I think about all the cleaning that would have to go into keeping things dust free, and I ain't about that life.

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