The Turtle Club

17 February 2016

Despite what this looks like my years of cringing at the mere mention of a turtleneck are not over. I'm just making an exception for this black turtleneck. Let's all hope this exception doesn't lead me down a fast and slippery slope to multi-coloured, ribbed turtleneck hell. But, I'm not good at guarantees, or restraint.

Jacket - Zara    Top - My Mom   Pants - H&M    Boots - Aldo

I was a stick of a kid with horrible blood circulation, turtlenecks where a large part of my childhood wardrobe. So much so that after a certain age I vowed never to wear one again. Really, truly this was for a good reason, turtlenecks and track pants don't go together. I weep for the style of tiny freezing me.

What may have changed my mind you ask? Well, it happened to me like it usually does; I saw a movie character I wanted to become. Negasonic Teenager in Deadpool is the other worldly and vaguely threatening look I aspire to. Now, my friends, you're all caught up on "Aynslie's Turtleneck Saga."

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