Let's Get Things Rolling!

9 February 2016

Hello! I'm Aynslie, your friendly Canadian ice wraith, designer, illustrator, lover of polka dots, art, and puns.

I’ve been itching to start a fashion blog ever since I learned of their existence back when I was a wee high schooler. I thank my unmotivated self and lack of coding skills every day that I didn’t back then because I go "YIKES" every time I think about the style of high school me. Now finally seems like the right time, that and I need a hobby.

I'm very loosely going to term this blog a 'style blog' because there's few things I love more than putting on lipstick and dressing up. Clothes to me have always been a fun extension of my art. The only difference being my body is the canvas. That said there are a bunch of other things I'm interested in and they'll more than likely make it onto this blog.

I’m really looking forward to making more posts in the future so please bear with my terrible spelling/grammar/bad jokes and hopefully we’ll have a fun time!

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