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13 February 2016

Jacket - The Gap    Top - H&M    Skirt - Forever 21    Tights - Old Navy    Boots - Aldo

My most treasured Valentine card is of Han Solo telling me that I’m stellar (it’s worded much better but the card is to my great disappointment in storage right now). I’m not entirely sure anyones ever going to be able to top that (the card also glows in the dark. score!) Doesn’t really matter though because Valentines day to me is an excuse to make cheesy puns and give ridiculous cards to my friends so I can make them smile. Also, St. Valentine is not only the patron saint of couples but also that of beekeepers, epilepsy, and the plague. I hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day because there is always a chance things could go terribly wrong.

If you live in Ontario Pizza Pizza makes heart shaped pizzas! If I had to marry a food it would definitely be that. Pizza in the shape of a heart guys! Clearly Pizza Pizza knows what love is all about!

This entire post is really an excuse for me to wear my gap pink jacket. It’s one of the most beautiful things that I own, so I rarely wear it because I’m afraid of ruining utter perfection.

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