Fury & Flurries

10 February 2016

A day before the 2 year anniversary of bleaching my hair I buzzed it all off. Ever since the summer when I'd watched, with eyes fixated on the screen and jaw dropped , Mad Max: Fury Road I'd been mulling over pulling a Furiosa and saying goodbye to bleach and worrying whether or not my hat had smooshed/spiked my hair. It wasn't until my hair decided to become more and more annoying to maintain that the idea wouldn't leave my head. I'm not sure what it was but getting a new hairdo so close to the anniversary of my last one seemed like a sign to me. That and my friends were egging me on.

Blouse - Jacob    Sweater & Skirt - H&M    Boots - Aldo    Bag - My Mom

Now this outfit isn't very Furiosa. It's not even very Mad Max! As much as I love that style I'm not giving up the cute preppy looks that most of my wardrobe consists of. This haircut will just have to deal with being cute sometimes!

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